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Anti-ageing facial massage -
A minute a day keeps the wrinkles away!


Annic Lefol-MalosseAnnic Lefol-MalosseDirector, Vichy Institute

Massaging your face for just one minute each day can help combat those unsightly vertical wrinkles* – now that’s enough to put a smile back on anyone’s face! Our massage expert Annic Lefol-Malosse has devised a great DIY programme that produces results worthy of a professional facial treatment. Ready, set… massage!

Choose a targeted anti-wrinkle treatment

Are you fed up with those annoying vertical lines that make you look miserable, tired, stern – and even worse, several years older than you really are? Is your face becoming dull and losing its radiance? Are those wrinkles starting to become deeper and more visible, despite your best efforts?

The first step is to choose a treatment with effective anti-ageing ingredients** that will meet the specific needs of your skin. Try to go for a product that comes in a tube as it will be easier to apply it directly into your wrinkles. Apply the product every day in the morning or evening, following our step-by-step guide. Why not print it out so that you have it to hand? Though we’re pretty sure that before long you’ll know it off by heart…

1. Apply directly to your vertical lines

Using the nozzle, apply the product directly into your vertical lines (from your frown lines to your laughter lines, then under the corners of your lips).

2. Pinch and slide along your laughter lines

Pinch a fold of skin between the fleshy part of your first three fingers and the second joint of your thumb. Work your way up the laughter line, then hold your three fingers tightly together and slide them along to your temple. Repeat the movement from the middle of the laughter line (at the corner of your lip), working outwards towards the ears. Repeat three times on each side.

3. Pinch and slide along your forehead to tackle your frown lines

Use repeated pinching movements to work from the top of your nose to the centre of your forehead, then firmly slide your fingers outwards towards your temple for a tensing effect. Apply the same movement on the other side of your forehead. Repeat the movements three times on each side.

4. Plump up your lip contour to avoid marionette lines

Use the fleshy part of your index finger and your thumb to make little pinching movements at right angles to your wrinkles on the edge of your upper lip. Repeat several times along your upper lip.

5. Finish off with an upward smoothing movement over your whole face

Finish the massage with an upward smoothing movement over your whole face and neck, working from the inside outwards.

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