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Behaviour-related ageing in detail


Patricia PineauPatricia PineauScientific communication Director, L’Oréal Research

With our days often so busy, women tend to expose their skin to different types of strain, such as lack of sleep, unbalanced diet or stress… What are the true enemies of the quality of our skin and what can we do to stave off their effects without making our life more complicated? We conduct a detailed review with our expert, Patricia Pineau.

Taking behaviour-related ageing into account

When it comes to skin ageing, we are familiar with age-related factors such as chronobiological ageing and hormones – hormonal ageing. Are there other factors affecting the ageing process? Patricia Pineau: "Our repeated studies of women and our advanced anti-ageing research led us to look at things from a new angle and to develop a new approach to ageing behaviour. Of 9,600 women surveyed in 6 countries worldwide, the criteria they identify and prioritise as damaging their skin quality are behaviour-related. Of these women, 77% identified lack of sleep as the main factor, 71% pollution followed by stress, poor diet and lack of exercise."

Telltale signs

What are the visible effects on skin of these sometimes excessive behavioural patterns? Our expert outlines these according to each identified problem:   "Skin subjected to smoky urban environments tends to have a grey, dull complexion. The reasons for this include lack of water, dry air-conditioned environments, atmospheric pollution but also industry, transport and heating.    Skin that is naturally or artificially overexposed to UV rays throughout the year shows more marked contrasts. This often causes pigmentation marks.   The expressiveness of skin overwrought by lack of sleep or stress makes for a sallow complexion. Drawn features and under-eye bags immediately signal a hectic lifestyle.   Finally, the unbalanced nature of undernourished skin, with its oily and dry areas and enlarged pores, reflects an unbalanced diet due to meals eaten on the go or – in contrast – overeating associated with alcohol consumption. We see the same phenomenon with cosmetic treatments that are overly aggressive or ill-suited for nourishing skin."

Offsetting our minor indulgences

Bonne nouvelle, il est possible d’agir sans culpabiliser, se priver outre mesure et devoir envisager des changements extrêmes ! Patricia Pineau nous le confirme : « Il faut comprendre qu’en identifiant ces impacts, on s’est donné les moyens de les limiter voire de les effacer en créant des soins innovants, concentrés en actifs bien ciblés capables de prévenir ces signes du vieillissement comportemental »

Good news! You can take action without feeling guilty, overly depriving yourself or contemplating extreme changes. Patricia Pineau: "In identifying these impacts, we gained the means to reduce or eliminate them by creating innovative treatments concentrated in highly targeted active ingredients that can ward off these signs of behavioural ageing."

If you do happen to overdo things sometimes, try out our tips to offset and wipe out the effects:

Skipping breakfast so that you can sleep in longer?
Take a handful of hazelnuts and almonds with you to keep you going until lunchtime and ward off hunger pangs that might induce you to indulge in fatty or sugary food." Can't be bothered removing your make-up?
Go straight to bed and spend a little more time cleansing your face in the morning, applying serum to brighten your skin tone.

Tempted by that sunlit corner?
A touch of sunscreen compact (with UV protection) and you're good to go! It's easy just keep some in your bag.

Got an important job to finish after a late night?
Breathe in deep, stretch, relax and move around regularly to dispel tiredness. And, once you're finished, treat yourself to a large smoothie full of goodness and vitamins made with kiwi, strawberry and banana.

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