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Hydrate while you sleep


Skin feeling a bit tight these days? No worries! You have all night to make things right. Here, our experts fill you in on how to have perfectly plumped and hydrated skin before you even get out of bed. With these tips for deep-down hydrating action that works all night long your skin will really be able to "rise and shine"!

A little R&R for your skin

All day long your skin braves the elements - wind, rain and even air-conditioning can be damaging. It's at night that your skin can finally let down its guard and really get going on cell renewal. "Cell renewal is an intense activity that peaks at about 1:00am and increases the permeability of the skin barrier. This means that the skin retains less water and loses moisture. This 'moisture loss' continues until it maxes out between 11:00pm and 4:00am and is precisely the reason why your skin, dry and fragile after the trials of the day, really needs to be hydrated at night", says Florence Benech. And this is just as well because night time is when your skin is best able to absorb cosmetic ingredients. In fact, tests measuring penetration speed show that cosmetic ingredients are best absorbed at around 4:00am. This means that the ideal time to apply creams or hydrating masks is at night!

Sleep easier with the right products

Choose formulas with a hyaluronic acid base. "This ingredient forms a protective film on the skin’s surface which reinforces its natural barrier and fills in the epidermis to prevent dehydration due to moisture loss", explains Florence Benech. Products that offer an instant refreshing sensation are also among our favourites. So, what should you stock up on, masks or creams? Our expert insists, "You need both!" Use the mask one or two nights a week for concentrated hydration. On the other nights of the week apply a thin layer of face cream.

Mask like a pro!

"Take out three times the normal amount of cream, recommends Annic Lefol-Malosse, Director of the Vichy Institute. Apply the cream to your cheeks, forehead and chin. Then, use a make-up brush to spread the cream evenly on your face and avoid getting any in your hair. My tips? Spread the cream down to just above your neckline. This is an area that people often forget about. And, what should you do if there is still cream on your face after 15 minutes? Dab the extra cream with a tissue and use the excess for your hands". Of course, there are some nights when all we want to do is go to bed early. On these nights let the mask set while you brush your teeth to save time.

Nightly rituals that boost hydration

1. Wash your face to eliminate any residue that has built up throughout the day and to prep your skin for moisturising.
Install a humidifier in your room to compensate for dry night air.
Establish a nightly facial massage ritual: "Place one thumb on each temple. Position your ring finger between your eyebrows, an area that is prone to muscle tension, and lightly press down for a relaxing sensation. This ritual relaxes your features and prepares you for a good night’s sleep – an absolute must for effective hydration"!

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