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On menu for ageing skin:
food and cosmetics


Ever thought you could eat your way to glowing, beautiful skin after sixty? Ageing skin requires special attention. Give your body and your spirits a lift with advice à la carte from Martine Pellaë, nutritionist, and Florence Benech, Director for laboratoires Cosmétique Active.

Nourish your skin from the inside out

For Dr Pellaë, the recipe for beautiful skin is all about what you eat! “The menopause brings with it some significant physiological changes. If you adapt your diet accordingly, it can help make up for certain deficiencies and limit weight gain.

Did you know that after the menopause the amount of calcium your body absorbs drops by 30%, while your need for vitamin D doubles? So, for healthy bones, boost your calcium intake with dairy products (cheese, yoghurt - even light varieties) and increase vitamin D by eating foods like salmon, tuna or shellfish.

What about skincare? “Increase the amount of essential fatty acids, like omega 3, in your diet”, says delectable blogger of “Papilles et Pupilles”. And, for this beauty regime, she has just the recipe for you.

However, cautions Dr Pellaë, “The goal is to have a good balance of omegas 3 and 6, but many industrial products that are rich in sunflower oil and animal by-products contain high levels of omega 6 (to the detriment of omega 3). Cut down on some of these products and make room for new ones that will encourage a healthier balance”!

Lipid-hungry dry skin

Florence Benech confirms that, “The lipids from omegas 3 and 6 help to reinforce the skin barrier”. This is good to keep in mind because with age and the menopause your skin’s metabolism will slow down leading to sagging, wrinkles and skin that is drier and duller looking.

She adds that, “Clinical research conducted in our laboratories showed that dry skin is one of the most visible signs that a woman is post-menopausal. Once the menopause has set in, skin suffers from a 57% loss in lipids”.

This gap can be closed by upping you skin’s intake of essential fatty acids through specific cosmetics and changes in your diet.

What have I got here…

So, which specific products should you choose to improve skin quality after the menopause? Here is a list of ingredients that are essential to your health and beauty. Print out the list and consume without moderation…

Cod liver

(great on toast or crackers)

Oils and seeds

Rapeseed oil (mix with olive oil for better flavour).
Linseed oil or flax seeds.
Walnut oil, soya oil, wheat germ oil.

Fatty fish (and lean fish too!)

Salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, tuna, trout, eel, anchovy, halibut, brill, bass, swordfish.
Sole, whiting, cod, monkfish, flounder, pollock, sea bream, haddock, bass, pike, Alaska pollock, skate, sea trout, turbot, red mullet.


Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios.

Eggs, poultry and meat rich in omega 3

From free-range livestock fed on grass, alfalfa and flax seed.

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