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Shiny skin:
an action plan for the summer!


Does your skin become shiny if you get too hot or too stressed? You're not alone! Shiny skin affects more than one in two of us… To achieve a radiant, non-shiny face this summer, we asked our expert to shed some light.

Why is my skin shiny?

Excess sebum was long considered to be the main cause of shiny skin. "As the summer approaches, UV rays cause more sebum to be secreted and this is transported more easily through pores dilated by hotter temperatures," explains Florence Benech. "Skin then starts to look shiny and feels slippery to the touch."

Recent studies have revealed a second cause: sweating. "Heat, stress or exercise can trigger sweating," says our expert. "Sweat, synthesised by sweat glands mixes with sebum and accentuates shininess." The result is stickiness and discomfort on the face and skin that looks more oily than it actually is.

1, 2, 3 simple steps for the summer

1. Gentle cleansing
The sebaceous glands are very active at night so this is when the production of sebum is at its highest. The result is shiny skin as soon as you wake up. To limit this phenomenon, Florence Benech advises "cleaning your skin" at night to remove excess sebum, perspiration and impurities built up over the day. Her tip is to use gentle or no-rinse products so as not to weaken the hydrolipidic film that protects the skin.

2. Hydration 
This is essential in the morning, whatever your skin type. Use light formulas that penetrate rapidly. Some formulas even combat shininess using active ingredients such as perlite and micro-powder, which absorb both sebum and sweat.

3. Sun protection
This is essential to combat the damaging effects of UV rays. A study of shininess revealed a 26% increase in sebum due to daily exposure to UV rays… The solution? 2-in-1 sun care products with significant water-retention properties to keep skin soft and a dry finish. And keep your specific treatment (anti-acne, anti-wrinkle, etc.) for night-time.

Ideas that seem good but are wrong

1. Clay mask
This has an immediate purifying effect but can dry out your skin if used too often. If your skin is not sufficiently hydrated to compensate for this, it will produce even more sebum.

2. Hygiene products with too much alcohol content
While alcohol dries out blemishes, it also dehydrates skin when too highly concentrated, thus leading to sensations of discomfort and tightness. The result is your skin will secrete even more sebum to defend itself.

3. Soap
Real soap has alkaline pH not suitable for skin, which has slightly acid pH. Using soap could irritate the skin.

Professional recipes right through to your plate!

Limit dairy products, cakes and fatty foods… Eating these encourages the synthesis of molecules (insulin, growth factors, etc.) that will boost sebum production… To be avoided!

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