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Skin care:
helping men choose the right stuff


Flora ChappazFlora ChappazPharmacist

Has your other half been scrounging your favorite moisturizer again? Before you get mad, tell yourself that it’s really just a cry for help. Pharmacist Flora Chappaz explains how to turn a man into a responsible adult.

A friend in need

Girls, you’ve all been there. You go in the bathroom and find that someone’s been messing with your precious skin care supplies. The bottles are in different places. Clearly, the man in your life has once again been fooling around with something he doesn’t understand.

Different strokes

Always remember: the things you take for granted are a mystery to him. “How many men clean their face every morning and evening?” asks Flora. “None of them do! When it comes to skin care, men still have a lot to learn.”

Equal, but different

Men's skin is complex stuff. Its sebaceous glands are bigger, more numerous and more active than yours, producing twice as much sebum. That makes it subject to shiny patches and encourages the spread of bacteria. As if that wasn't bad enough, their beard area consists of between 6,000 and 25,000 hair follicles, each of which could become infected and cause spots.

Expert advice

For all those reasons, he'd be better off using his own skin care products. Flora explains: "Moisturizers for women's skin are usually a bit oilier, so they could leave men with more shiny patches. Also, some products for women contain a pearl luster to illuminate the skin: that might not be an effect that men are looking for. And lastly, for men who want to soothe razor burn after shaving, a dedicated product with a cooling action will provide more relief than a women's product that hasn't been formulated with that problem in mind."

Skin Care 101

If he's suffering from imperfections, here are some of the things he needs to look at. Is he cleansing his skin properly with the right product? Is he using a suitable moisturizer and shaving foam? Could his diet be adding to the problem? Flora adds that he should also understand that warmer temperatures make skin oilier, so he may need to change his moisturizer in the spring and summer. And once he's absorbed all that, he should be ready for the most important lesson of all: that those bottles on the bathroom shelf are yours, baby!

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