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ENERGIZING - Fortifying Conditioner Anti-Hair Loss Complement



ENERGIZING - Fortifying Conditioner Anti-Hair Loss Complement

- Anti-Hair Loss Treatment

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Reduces hair loss due to breakage. Detangles hair without weighing it down. Stronger and more reistant hair.
Hair loss, fragile and tired hair.

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Enriched with Aminexil, hair loss reference molecule, and a fortifying complex [Vitamins PP/B5*/B6 + Ceramide], its formula deeply nourishes the hair and targets fragilized zones to reinforce the structure of the hair fiber and envelop it with a protective film.

*Provitamin B5


Aminexil (hair loss reference molecule)
Fortifying complex [Vitamins PP/B5*/B6 + Ceramide]
*Provitamin B5

Optimal tolerance. Hypoallergenic. Suitable for sensitive scalp.
No parabens.

Hair loss** is reduced***. Instantly detangled, hair is
stronger, less brittle, deeply reinforced to resist against hair loss.

**Hair loss due to breakage
***Instrumental test, after applications of ENERGISING shampoo + conditioner vs. classical shampoo



Apply on wet hair, gently massage the sclap, leave on for 1 minute, then rinse.

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