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3 tips for the perfect beard

Whether short, long or in-between, a well-groomed beard is always a winning look. Read on for our tips on how to take care of your facial hair while looking after your skin.

3 tips for the perfect beard

Sarah Daniel-Hamizi of Parisian barbershop La Barbière de Paris gives her top tips on looking after your goatee, moustache or beard while taking care of your skin.

Choose a beard that flatters the shape of your face

A well-kept beard can not only flatter your facial features, it can also help to disguise other, less aesthetically pleasing aspects of your face, such as acne, large pores, scarring or the beginnings of a double chin. To find the best beard for your face, start by taking a selfie - or, if you feel brave enough, ask your friends to help you decide on the style that suits you best. If you’re still unsure, three or four days’ growth tends to suit most face shapes.

Round face: keep hairs short and try not to go overboard on the volume. If you’re looking to lengthen your face, opt for a goatee.
Long or oval face: a beard cut short on the jawline paired with thicker sideburns will help to give balance to the face.
Square face: a well-trimmed goatee or a moustache will help to structure your look.

Washing your beard

Granted, beards look good on almost everyone - but only if they’re kept clean! It’s just as important to wash your beard as it is the rest of your body, but don’t just automatically pick up your usual shampoo, as this can leave skin feeling dried out. When washing your face and beard, massage your usual facial wash into the roots of your beard in a circular motion. Rinse with lukewarm water to remove all lather, before drying your beard either with a hand towel or a hairdryer. Simple and effective!

Looking after your beard goes hand-in-hand taking care of your skin

The skin underneath your beard is likely to end up dry and flaky if it’s not properly hydrated after washing, leading to the accumulation of an excess of dead skin cells. Result? Your beard becomes weaker and less healthy. Unsurprisingly, the skin beneath your beard is more difficult to reach, so needs extra-special care when it comes to hydration. Consider investing in a multi-use product that targets beard and skin, and don’t forget to comb every day to let skin breathe.

Protecting your beard against the elements

The thicker your beard is, the better equipped it is protect your skin from external aggressors - for example pollution and UV rays, two of the biggest culprits when it comes to prematurely aging skin. Facial hair also helps protect skin from thickening as a result of excessive exposure to wind or dust, as well as (obviously) limiting razor burn - not to mention potentially protecting skin from pollen and other allergies!

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