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Happy Families: 7 types of skin protection

Not everybody has the same requirements from their sun protection! Whether you want to tan, jump in the sea or maintain a flawless, protected complexion, there's a happy suncare family for you. Find your Ideal solution with our suncare protection beauty guide.

Ultra-melting Milk-gel

The innovative milk-gel by Vichy, available in SPF 30 and 50, can be applied onto wet or dry skin. The formula provides high protection without leaving tell-tale white traces on your skin. Men will also appreciate how easy it is to apply and its invisible finish, even over hair-covered skin.

Where and when: Apply all over your body, wet or dry. The Ultra-melting Milk-gel is perfect if you're planning to spend you day in and out of the water.

Anti-dark spots

Dark spots are common signs of premature aging and sun damage, and they can be particularly obvious on the face. Not only does the Vichy Anti-dark spots suncare cream in SPF 50 prevent development of dark spots, but it also corrects and covers existing ones.

Where and when: Formulated to protect both young and mature skin, the cream should be applied over the entire face and neck as part of your morning skincare routine.

Gentle milk or spray for children

Children's skin is more sensitive that adult skin, so protect the ones you love with tailored sun protection. Suitable for jumping around the beach and in and out of the waves, the SPF 50 spray and milk are designed to resist water and effortlessly melt into the skin - making application, even on the most wriggling bodies, simple.

Where and when: whenever your children's skin is exposed to UV rays, whether at the beach or during school sports day.

Velvety Cream

Dry, sensitive skin? You need a tailored sun shield. Vichy's Velvety Cream has been specifically formulated for normal to dry skin in factor 50+ to ensure powerful protection from UV rays. The Velvety Cream is also available in a BB-cream format, offering you high protection and a flawless complexion.

Where and when: Apply to the face, paying particular attention to the areas most prone to sun exposure such as the nose, ears and cheeks. Ideal for daily use when on a sunny vacation.

Fresh Hydrating Milk

A solution for the face and body, the Hydrating Milk is available in factors 20, 30 and 50, as well as a child-friendly format. Easy-to-use and deeply nourishing, the milk is absorbed into the skin without leaving white marks.

Where and when: For the body or face, the Fresh Hydrating Milk is ideal for family vacations - protecting sensitive skin throughout the day.

Invisible Hydrating Mist

Avoid the sticky sensation of certain sun creams with a suncare spray that also leaves skin feeling cool and refreshed. The Invisible Hydrating Mist (SPF 30 and 50+) provides protection without leaving any build-up that could cause breakouts or reactions.

Where and when: Apply over the entire body. Recommended for when you want to protect your skin when tanning, or for sun exposure during exercise.

Suncare Stick

Certain areas of the face are more exposed to the sun than others. The nose, lips, cheeks, ears, scars and sensitive areas can require a tailored suncare product for high protection, especially when on vacation. The Stick is pocket-practical, easy to apply, and leaves no white marks.

Where and when:
When on the beach or in the mountains, where the sun's intensity is higher than normal, apply the stick to your lips, nose, cheeks and ears as well as any scars or sensitive areas to avoid sun damage.

With these 7 different formats, you're sure to find the perfect suncare family to suit your sun exposure, leaving you protected and free to get on with your sunny day!

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