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Look radiant with these 3 steps for beautifully sunkissed skin!

Wherever your sun-soaked destination, make sure your skin stays protected on vacation, and ensure a long-lasting tan, by keeping these three steps in mind...

Look radiant with these 3 steps for beautifully sunkissed skin!

Prepare your skin

Before you board the plane or jump into the car for that well-deserved sunny break, make sure your skin is as ready as your suitcase. The night before, ensure you start with smooth skin, free from dead cells and impurities which might hinder the tanning process. In the bath/shower, apply a cleansing mask while you gently exfoliate your body. Follow with a nourishing, but not heavy, moisturizer that's tailored to your skin type.

It's recommended that, once summer comes around, you update your winter beauty routine and switch to a lighter cleanser and moisturizer. Too much build-up on the skin, combined with sweat produced under the sun's rays, can irritate sensitive skin and cause flare-ups.
When the melanin in your skin starts giving you a healthy golden glow, you'll find you won't need as much makeup as usual - which is great for your skin! A few days before leaving on vacation, start cutting down on your regular makeup base, such as bronzer and/or foundation. Your skin will feel fresher and holiday-ready.

Protect and enjoy

For an even tan, try to avoid wearing the same outfit or bathing suit every day, as this will give you pronounced tan lines. Don't forget to apply sun cream all over your body, massaging in the product until fully absorbed, to prevent accidental skin exposure if you change clothes, for example.

Protect your skin especially when tanning. Vichy Mineralizing Water, a fundamental ingredient throughout Vichy's suncare collection, contains 15 minerals proven to help protect and improve skin's quality and health and fight against damage by oxidization.

To reduce exposure to the sun and the potential damage it can cause, a self-tanner-free tan enhancer both protects your skin from UV rays and also optimizes your glow, meaning you don't have to stay out too long to look sun-kissed.

Repair and prolong

To ensure your skin keeps its golden glow for as long as possible, it's important to moisturize the skin to keep it supple and hydrated. If your skin becomes dry, it risks flaking, and you'll see your tan fade away more quickly. Using an after-sun is especially important after tanning, as the sun, sea and sand can leave skin particularly fragile. The After-Sun from the Ideal Soleil range has been proven to prolong the tan while also soothing post-sunshine skin.

By following these three simple steps (prepare, protect, prolong), you'll ensure your post-vacation tan lasts longer and your skin feels happy and healthy - leaving you glowing inside and out!

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