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The different symptoms of aging on the hair

There’s no doubt that throughout menopause your body changes, your skin evolves and even your hair will be affected.

The different symptoms of aging on the hair

The bouncy, thriving locks of yesteryear are replaced with a less lacklustre mane which can leave some feeling a little deflated.

Clearly visible, the alteration of your ‘do’ can be a hard side effect to accept.

What happens to our hair while aging?

As women age, it’s common for their hair to get thinner to varying degrees, depending on the individual and genetic factors. Sometimes this goes even further, with hair loss - known as alopecia - leading to a gradual loss of hair thickness. Once again, genetics are the main factor.

How can I make my hair stronger?

Several products have been developed to help counter hair loss and thinning hair offering women going through the menopause a solution that goes some way towards making the situation easier.

Hair loss in women can be influenced by numerous factors, disrupting the hair and its environment. However, this hair loss is not inevitable and using a lotion to prevent hair loss is a good solution to make your hair stronger and reduce hair thinning.


Vichy has developed a treatment to combat hair loss - Aminexil - that acts by firmly anchoring the root and thus slowing down hair loss.

Aminexil Clinical 5

Specifically for women also contains a cocktail of active ingredients specially selected to strengthen the scalp and make hair thicker, stronger and healthier looking, day after day.

For significant results, daily application for 6 weeks is recommended; to be massaged into the scalp to stimulate the micro-circulation and roots. Application method: apply with the finger tips using circular movements to lift the roots and soften the scalp. Start from the nape of the neck and ears and move upwards towards the crown of the head.

What else can I do to fight hair loss? Adapt your diet!

Up the iron and biotin
Opt for more iron and biotin in your diet. Both are excellent allies in the fight against hair loss. Biotin is even nicknamed the ‘hair growth vitamin’ – it’s also known as B7. You’ll find both nutrients in fish, nuts, beans, poultry, lettuce, tomatoes and carrots.

Go for omega 3s
Good fats found in tuna and salmon, as well as mackerel, linseed and nuts can boost hair growth.

Get herbal help
Try Aloe Vera, Ginseng, Lavender or Rosemary, as all are believed to help nourish hair and encourage a healthy blood circulation.

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