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Weekend warriors: how not getting enough beauty sleep affects your skin

Stress, tiredness and long-term fatigue all affect the way our skin ages.

Weekend warriors: how not getting enough beauty sleep affects your skin

If your sleep pattern is taking a hit as a result of your social life, read on for some tips on how to get back in tune with your body’s natural rhythm for better, more youthful skin.

How lack of sleep affects our skin

Got in a little too late last night after another party? Sadly, your skin’s probably feeling the after-effects this morning! Lack of or poor quality sleep restricts blood flow to the face, leaving skin feeling tighter or more sensitive than usual, as well as giving the face a dull or lackluster appearance. Skin repairs itself while we sleep, combating the effects of free radicals, UV damage and restoring collagen levels, so not getting a full eight hours can leave us waking up with a dull or patchy complexion. Fortunately, there are some simple tips you can follow to get your glow back for good.

How to get your zzz’s back

Even if you’re not out partying like it’s 1999, staying up late and falling victim to the dreaded FOMO isn’t doing your skin any favors, either. From time to time, we all need a digital detox, so try to avoid spending an extended period of time on your Instagram feed before bed. Banning devices emitting blue light, which tends to interrupt your circadian rhythm – resulting in you waking up in the morning feeling even more tired – is likely to be more conducive to a more refreshing sleep.

Alcohol can leave you feeling dehydrated, so swap your nightcap for a glass of water 90 minutes before hitting the pillow to avoid interrupting your body’s natural sleep rhythm. Finally, even the occasional cigarette can play havoc with your sleep pattern. Smoking - particularly just before bed, where it can interfere with your ability to experience deep sleep - is a no-no if you’re looking to preserve the health of your skin long-term.

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