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What is the best way to apply Vichy Mineralizing Water ?

What is the best way to apply Vichy Mineralizing Water ?
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Discover the optimal technique for applying Vichy Mineralizing Water in order to soothe and fortify your skin.

Mineralizing water is not merely a great way to stay cool and fresh in hot weather. It’s a major part of the skincare regime. Misting skin with Vichy Mineralizing Water makes it stronger and enhances all its natural beauty. Here, step by step, is a re-mineralizing routine practiced at the Vichy Institute.

#1: a long misting

Use Vichy Mineralizing Water in the morning before applying your day-time skincare regime, then after removing make-up in the evening, on perfectly cleansed skin. Mist generously.
The idea is to sweep the mist in the form of a linked cross, at the forehead level.
- Start from the right jaw to above the left eyebrow.
- Sweep left to right of the forehead.
- Go down to your left jaw.

water application 1

#2: dry the skin gently

Absorb the surplus Vichy Mineralizing Water by patting a tissue lightly over your face. On removing it, your skin will remain moist – but this is normal!
Then apply your day or night skincare products, their active ingredients combined with the minerals from the water will act to strengthen your skin against damaging elements.

water application 2

#3: massage to soothe your face

Because a skincare regime should also be a time to focus on well-being, the experts at the Vichy Institute recommend a soothing massage, perfect for sensitive skin. They call it the "skin to skin" and practice it using ultra cool hands. Run your hands briefly under cold water, dry them and swiftly place them on your cheeks and forehead, smoothing outwards over the skin.

water application 3

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