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ENERGISING Shampoo - a complement to hair-loss treatments



ENERGISING Shampoo - a complement to hair-loss treatments

- Signs of hairloss

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The only shampoo with Aminexil, the effective cosmetic molecule that combats hair loss.
For men and women suffering slight to confirmed hair loss.

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Helps anchor the hair.  +


Aminexil, an effective pharmaceutical molecule that combats hair loss, is the fruit of 10 years' research and is protected by 2 patents. Its efficacy has been proven against a placebo. It works by combating the stiffening of perifollicular collagen* to retain flexibility and elasticity around hair roots, allowing hair to anchor itself more solidly in the scalp.
Laboratoires Vichy have developed Energising Shampoo as a complement to hair-loss treatments, the only shampoo with Aminexil. Hair becomes stronger and more vigorous from roots to tips.
*In vitro tests.

The hypoallergenic formula is PARABEN-FREE.
Its efficacy has been tested under dermatological control.

Hair recovers vigour and vitality from roots to tips.
Stronger hair: for 89% of subjects.
Revitalised hair: for 90% of subjects.


Its fluid texture is easy to apply and rinse out.


This shampoo can be used frequently.

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