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OIL CONTROL Treatment shampoo


OIL CONTROL Treatment shampoo

- Shampoo for oily hair

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Hair feels lighter and easier to style.
For men and women with oily hair.

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Purifies the scalp and delays the onset of oily hair  +


The Anti-Sebum complex comes from an exclusive combination of four surfactants specially selected and carefully balanced to limit the spread of sebum along the hair fibre, preserve the scalp's natural balance and delay oiliness.
Rediscover lighter, easy to style hair.

The hypoallergenic formula is PARABEN-FREE and silicone-free.
Its efficacy has been tested under dermatological control.

Lighter, more voluminous hair.


The transparent formula is ultra light and silicone-free for lighter hair that is easier to style.


Apply to damp hair and massage gently to avoid stimulating the scalp's sebaceous glands. This shampoo can be used frequently.

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