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Hair loss in men: 5 styling tips for looking good

When it comes to looking your best, good hair is key. If you find your hair is starting to thin, don’t worry: the right haircut and a couple of extra minutes with the comb are all you need in order to stay fresh.

Hair loss in men: 5 styling tips for looking good

To pull off this trick perfectly, we asked hairstylist and blogger Fred Birault for his top tips on getting the most out of finer or thinning hair.

Your haircut can change everything

If you’re stuck with fine hair, take care not to ask for too short a cut when visiting the barber’s, as this will only leave hair looking even thinner. When trimming the hair around your temples, this should be cut smooth. Too much volume around the sides of your head risks highlighting thinner patches on the top or crown of the head.

Don’t go all-out Liberace

We’d recommend avoiding fake hairpieces à la Donald Trump. A gust of wind and it’s all over, so don’t be tempted: you’re not fooling anybody with a toupée.

Choose gentler shampoos for finer hair

Shampoos with delicate formulations are far less likely to irritate your hair and scalp when used regularly. That said, try not to overdo it: washing hair too often will only lead to a vicious circle when it comes to excess sebum production.

Go with the flow

Forget desperately trying to keep your hair perfectly styled 24/7. Instead, try and respect your hair’s natural movement, and avoid smothering with too much gel or volumizing mousse - unless you’re going for the Mad Men look on purpose. Instead of drying or brittle gels, Fred recommends spritzing hair with sea salt spray if you’re looking for a little less structure. Result? Hair with texture that still looks natural.

Beard: yay or nay?

If a beard suits your face, go for it: just make sure to keep it neat and in proportion. Four days’ growth is more than enough; any longer and your hair-to-beard ratio is likely to look a little unbalanced.

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